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This was the exact moment I stopped trusting Joss Whedon.



Someone asked me once, as a kind of dig at the movie, “Why someone like Zoe would have a dress?”
I looked right at him and said, “There’s only one white dress a woman like Zoe would keep. Her wedding dress.”

Well shit.


It’s after midnight in Los Angeles, where I live, which means it’s technically March 18th, which means it’s officially the release date of my first book, How to Fight Presidents. I have a lot of meetings and work stuff tomorrow, but I’ve set aside some time to travel to at least a few bookstores…

Buy this book. Dan is awesome. Also, fun stuff about history and Presidents

what's the best thing about mio?


The best thing about Mio is the fact that she’s got a great personality. Okay. So she’s the type that’s so easy to bully but she doesn’t get mad “mad” at them. That’s just how she is when reacting in their pranks and in a way, she accepts her friends being natural bullies.

She’s also very understanding. Honest. Ritsu isn’t the type that is easy to get along with given Mio’s personality (a total opposite) but they ended up being real good friends.

Additionally, She’s smart and talented! Let’s not forget that she’s arguably the prettiest among them with a great body to boot, that earned her Ritsu’s wrath during their summer camp thingy. HAHA!

And lastly, I love how hard working she is. Besides Azu-nyan, she’s the most “normal” among the group. Very responsible and level headed. Because she’s so shy, it’s hard for her to be “out” there but she proved herself time and time again that she’s ready to push herself to the limits if only for their club. She’s just reaaaallllyyyy AMAZING!

No wonder my first bias in HTT is Mio because MIO IS LOVE!

Thank you so much for the ask!



Polymer absorbs water and expands. It keeps almost the same refractive properties as water and appears invisible.

The polymer is Sodium Polyacrylate (thank you, thecraftychemist!)


Your body is the piece of the Universe you’ve been given.
Geneen Roth  (via tealosophic)